If you are interested in astrophilately, in space events and space achievements, in space stamps and space covers, in recent and old spaceflight news, in normal or rare space covers, don't hesitate to become a member of the Belgian Astrophilatelic Society Cosmos, the only club on astrophilately in Belgium.


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MyStamp Edition 2021

At the occasion of the 50st Anniversary of BFV Cosmos, we produced a MyStamp sheet with five different stamps on these fifty years in space:
- 1971 : the sheet shows the "Fallen Astronaut" left on the Moon by the Apollo 15 crew
- 1981 : first launch of the Space Shuttle Columbia STS-1
- 1991 : the MIR space station hosts international crews
- 2001 : first manned crews on board the International Space Station
- 2011 : the first Chinese space station Tiangong-1
- 2021 : American and Chinese Moon exploration

This sheet is still available from the President at the price of 25 EURO + P&P. Please contact first at Stefan Bruylants.

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