Astrophilatelic Societies

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First French philatelic society specialized in the study of spaceflight.
The 2AF is affiliated with the Fédération Française des Associations Philatéliques and is a member of the Groupement des Associations Philatéliques de l'Ile de France.
The 2AF was created on February 2001 by Jean-Louis Lafon.

Contact : 2AF

Publication - Le Cosmophil

Quarterly magazine of the French Association Astrophilatélique de France.

Colour and B/W

In 2016, the 2AF decided to publish the first 50 editions of Le Cosmophil as pdf files on a CD : great idea and a lot of data available.

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The Italian Astrophilatelic Society has been established in 2008 as a non-profit organization, to become the focal point for all astrophilately collectors in Italy and to disseminate information among the members and serve a a forum for exchange of ideas on our common hobby.

Contact : ASITAF

Publication - Ad*Astra

Quarterly magazine of the Italian astrophilatelic society AS.IT.AF.

Full colour
Italian & English

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The Astro Space Stamp Society is dedicated to everyone who collect space stamps, postcards, covers, signed autographs from astronauts to astrophilatelic memorabilia or just enthusiasts on the Space hobby.

Contact : ASSS

Publication - Orbit Magazine

Quarterly magazine of the Scotland based Astro Space Stamp Society,

Full colour

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The Belgian astrophilatelic society Cosmos was created in December 1971 by the late Willy Van Nooten and Georges Lauwers.

The aim of the society is to help promoting philately and especially promote space philately, without interference or moral coercion to the members.

  • Publishing the magazine Cosmos Express
  • Organizing congresses, exhibitions and lectures
  • Tombola between members during monthly meetings
  • Auctions between members
  • Exchange and abo service

Contact : BFV Cosmos

Publication - Cosmos Express

Quarterly magazine of the Belgian astrophilatelic society BFV Cosmos.

Dutch & English

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GWP society is open to young and old, everybody interested in the development of spaceflight is greatly welcome.
During our meetings we inform our members about news, celebrations, plans, activities, small talk, etc …
We offer possibilities to exchange philatelic material, photos, signatures etc. and always have time for discussions.

Contact : GWP

Publication - GWP Magazine

Quarterly magazine of the Swiss Gesellschaft der Welt-All Philatelisten - GWP.

Colour & B/W

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RFC Nederland

Publication - RFC Nieuwsbrief

Quarterly magazine of the Dutch society Ruimtevaart Filatelie Club - RFC - Nederland.

Full colour

RFC Nederland

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The Space Unit is an organization of hobbyists devoted to the collection and study of covers and stamps issued on space themes. It has a world wide membership and is the largest independent astrophilatelic society in the world.

Contact : Space Unit

Publication - The Astrophile

Six month edition of the American ATA Space Unit.

Full colour

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Wir wollen Nicht-Philatelisten für unser Hobby begeistern und auch anleiten, Astrophilatelisten zu werden - aber auch Menschen, die bereits Philatelisten sind, motivieren, sich unserem jungen und faszinierenden Sammelgebiet zuzuwenden. Natürlich sind auch Sammler willkommen, die den Themenbereich nach den Regeln der Thematik beschäftigen. Wir geben darüber hinaus Überblicke über die verschiedenen Teilbereiche der Astronomie und der Weltraumforschung, mit denen zu beschäftigen es sich besonders lohnt.

Contact :
Weltraum Philatelie

Publication - Weltraum Philatelie

Quarterly magazine of the German Weltraum Philatelie e.V.

Full colour