Magazines on spaceflight

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Spaceflight News

Spaceflight News was launched by editor Nigel Macknight as a follow-up to his book " The Shuttle Story ".
The first issue was dated October/November 1985. Publication ceased in 1991.

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Espace Magazine

Espace Magazine was the only publication in France language exclusively devoted to spaceflight.

Due to illness of the Chief Publisher, the publication stopped halfway 2008.

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Espace &xploration

Espace &ploration was first published on December 22nd 2010 by A Capella Editors. It is a new magazine on spaceflight, French language.

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Spaceflight is the official publication of the British Interplanetary Society.
Spaceflight is published monthly and only available by subscription.


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Quest remains the only peer-reviewed publication solely dedicated to the history of spaceflight.
Since 1992, it has captured stories related to the people, projects and programs the have been part of more than a half century of civil, military, commercial and international space activities. Featuring stories and interviews from professional historians, amateur historians, enthusiasts and people who've worked in the industry.


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ESA Bulletin

The ESA Bulletin is the

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CNES Magazine