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One of the most important things in astrophilately is to get the exact information about spaceflight and covers.
There is a lot of astrophilatelic material available, on the internet and written, but a lot of knowledge is in the hand of great astrophilatelist who really wat to share their data. On the other hand, publishing a book is rather expensive, as well is post & packaging.

The future lies in distributing studies and pictures on astrophilately as a CD or DVD, knowing copying is possible. Please BUY these eBooks rather than copying : the author did a lot of research during many years and merits the small fee for his eBook ! Thank you !

Soviet-Union and Russia

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Soviet Space Dogs

This book is dedicated to the Soviet Space Dogs who played a crucial part in the Soviet Space Programs.

Many pictures were provided by our member Marianne Van den Lemmer.

Author : Olesya Turkin
Author : Amor Murray and Step Sorell
Editor : Fuel Publishing
Year : 2014
Pages : 240 pages - Color pages included

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The Tartu-Covers

The Tartu-Covers by Jim Reichman is a eBook on CD covering more than 700 pages.
The book tells the story about the backgrounds of the Tartu Club, their cover production and gives an anatomy of the covers.

Jim describes ALL 292 covers in about 566 pages : description, event, background, postmark, overprint, club cachet (design and color), triage, etc.

Other books on astrophilatelic research by Jim Reichman, especially on Russian space facts, can be seen at the website of the American Astrophilately site.

Author : Jim Reichman
Editor : eBook on CD (PDF files)
Year : 2012
Pages : 744 pages

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The First Mail of the International Space Station

A handbook of the mail of the International Space Station up to the early 2001 expeditions.

Illustrated with over 400 quality colour photographs taken aboard the space station and images of personal and official correspondence.

Author : Igor Rodin
Editor :
Year : 2006
Pages :

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Kosmische Post

The book gives the history of flown covers, from the rocket mail by Schmiedl over the Vostok letter, the Moon landing covers to the space stations from Salyut-1 to 7 and Mir.

The book describes the flight and especially the philatelic activities on board :
- board postmarks and dates of use on board the stations
- station postmarks
- cosmonauts signatures
A must have !

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Author : Walter Hopferwieser
Editor : Walter Hopferwieser
Year : 1993
Pages : 182 pages B/W

See also from the same author :
Pionierraketenpost und Kosmische Post

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Sowjetunion I

This first part describes the stamps and postmarks edited in the Sovjet-Union, as well as airmail and picture cards about spaceflight.

Author : H. R. Pfau
Editor : H. R. Pfau
Year : 1977 (4th Edition)
Pages : 151 pages B/W

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Sowjetunion II

This second part describes the side-postmarks (Nebenstempel), vignettes and letters edited in the Sovjet-Union on the occasion of spaceflight activities

Author : H. R. Pfau
Editor : H. R. Pfau
Year : 1975
Pages : 204 pages B/W

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Sowjetunion IV

This fourth part describes the postcards, picture postcards and maximum cards edited in the Sovjet-Union.

Author : H. R. Pfau
Editor : H. R. Pfau
Year : 1988 (5th Edition)
Pages : 120 pages B/W

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Outer Space Mail of the USSR and Russia

The work is the result of data drawn together about Outer Space mail of the USSR and Russia from its origins through present time (2001). The book gives information about mail delivered to and from orbiting stations with piloted and pilotless crafts.

Author : V.N. Klochko
Editor : V.N. Klochko
Year : 2001
Pages : 80

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Cosmonaut Autograph Identification Guide

Soviet / Russian cosmonaut signatures, Interkosmos cosmonauts, deceased cosmonauts, space station cosmonauts, not flown cosmonauts and the Russian (Cyrillic) alphabet.

Features illustrations of each flown cosmonaut's actual signature (through Soyuz TM-19) to facilitate quick, accurate identification. Tables include alphabetical listing of both Russian and Intercosmos cosmonauts; Vostok, Voskhod and Soyuz missions and crews; Salyut and Mir space station crews and visitors; non-flown Russian and Intercosmos cosmonauts; and a concise cyrillic alphabet and pronunciation guide. ©

Author : Stephen R. Datz
Editor : Sanabria Inc.
Year : 1994
Pages : 74